Sabtu, 31 Januari 2015

3 Best Family Vacations in the USA

3 Best Family Vacations in the USA - In order to provide a recommendation for a family holiday in the United States, US News compiled a list of objectives that have been praised by experts to offer kid-friendly entertainment and reasonable prices. We then asked readers to help us choose the best places in the country to visit as a family. The following list includes a variety of family vacation ideas based on the assessment of thousands of tourists; we hope you find these ideas helpful when planning your next trip, and we invite you to vote for your favorite places below.

1. Orlando-Walt Disney World
Known for timeless appeal, thrill rides and shows, Disney World is engineered specifically for the family, and a very successful formula. But if you do not have to use the mouse ear, killing the host Orlando theme parks are sure to arouse the wee ones.

2. Honolulu - Oahu
Honolulu - especially Waikiki - offers a child-friendly beach is excellent and activities, such as snorkeling, swimming with dolphins and Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park. Plus, many hotel sits along the shore, negating the need for public transport or vehicle.

Kids will get a kick out of watching Old Faithful erupt, and there's nothing quite like an afternoon hike to bring the clan together. Hotels in the garden can be expensive, so make this a BYOB (bring your own bed) holiday.